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05:56pm 19/08/2007
  Green (or Brown) Thoughts

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I got a newsletter from Northaven Gardens, one of Dallas' oldest plant nurseries, around which several garden clubs are organized, a place full of goodies and lore. Fall is for Planting! it trumpets, noting the no-doubt swell offerings for sale shortly.
Well, here's the deal. They hope to interest me in Fall planting, months away, because it's completely pointless to plant anything now. We are smack into what I generally call the July Blast, only kinda late this year, due to all that rain. We have August Blast. The sun is beating down from the sky, punishing every little sprout. My desktop widget says it's 93, which I don't doubt for a minute. I've been out in it with the dog. This is the weather in which you absolutely must water every pot of something you've got, and most things in the ground every day without fail, preferably twice. Or you have sticks. You may have sticks anyway. No matter what you do, the lower leaves of things shrivel up and fall off, and the new growth yellows and toughens-- the whole plant winces, begs,"Don't hurt me!" Unless you've got shade. Which I don't have, in front-- in fact, chose the property for its exposure to the sun on the most gardenable side.

This is the weather which made Dallas build one of the first indoor shopping malls in America, Northpark, in 1965, only 6 years after the development of the first reliable and affordable commercial and home airconditioning systems. Since then, the city has specialized in large airconditioned surface caves in advance of the nation at large, where more affluent persons may roam around and erode their money supply, so they don't have to go Out There. Oh, and attatched garages, so they might leap into chilly vehicles and speed off, returning to their frigid homes without ever happing to step into the unsheltered outside. But I digress.
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01:27am 16/08/2007
  Joined a new community, Books_and_Knits. Because I indulge in both.
And started one myself, More. which can be found at: . Chose Voidwoven for the account name in honor of working up something from nothingness. Have to do some experimenting because the journal styles are heartbreakingly plain. Don't so much care about my own journal, but More should look better.
11:18pm 14/08/2007
  I've been knocking around IJ off and on today to get a feel for the place. I'm astounded by the number of brand new journals. Well, mine is one. Frankly, I hadn't even heard of IJ until I saw the exodus hither on my LJ flist. I haven't really told anybody I started a journal over here. I was thinking about copying my entries over... then I thought... nobody objects to my entries over there. They are in no danger from mad censors. I don't really write fiction. I suppose I could. I haven't posted any controversial nude scenes. My most titillating questionable practice involved making free with images lifted from ebay auctions, retouched almost past recognition --hardly risky enough to earn me any kind of ban. Oh, and snitching icons, to piece together in themed desktops for my own amusement, which I never plan to distribute. So my LJ will continue to connect me with RL friends who hang there, and to round up reading material from various communites. I'm still kind of disgusted with LJ's recent policy decisions, but that shouldn't affect me personally, except in being able to access Ponderosa's journal, which I had friended last year, and a hint or two of eventual action against one or two more.

Nor have I acquainted anybody over at LJ with my new journal here. Well, except Cluegirl. And only because I found and friended her over here. In a way, it's kind of nice to have an alternate identity on IJ. This place is much more fan centric, less risky, in a way. I could be less self conscious posting Fan Art, or Fanfic, were I to come up with any. Here I have no image to maintain, because noone knows me from Adam. Mostly. I come from twenty plus years of working conventions, though, so I certainly have fannish interests.

What this place needs is flesh, though. And I don't mean Porn (although why not), just bodies. I'm sure it'll have plenty o porn, if not already. But it needs more communities, and more people sharing and talking to eachother. When I imported my interest list from LJ, and went exploring to see who over here shared them, and what communties were to be found centering on them, I found a whole ton of blank journals. If they weren't blank, they date back a week or less, with few entries. If not, they were flocked. I searched and found some artists and writers I knew might be over here. But largely, I haven't found much unless I knew in advance to search for it. It's a little frustrating. I see a short list of new communities formed on the IJ front page, largely HP oriented. And it's good to see that. But I'm not an HP poster, just an occasional browser. Or Buffy. So I'm not sure what to find over here. I beefed up my interest list considerably, and went visiting 50-65 more people on those lists, but I haven't found any new friends yet. Or any functioning new communities, mostly place markers for potential tenants. So far my little mars rover rollerskate has been something of a bust.
Arrival here at IJ   
10:42am 14/08/2007
  Reading up on the LJ controversy, I started another journal here. My LJ still exists, same name, as has my DA account. I don't really tend to make controversial posts, but am against censorship. Nor have I read or viewed much of the banned materials from LJ, but that's beside the point. I want to have the option of entertaining myself with whatever is posted. I don't want that decision made for me.
So in the interests of following the stream of talent, supporting expression, and the privilege of networking with more people in another online environment, here I am.